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Candles are typically cylindrical tubes made of tallow or some kind of wax with a piece of braided cotton embedded in the top, known as a wick. Burning the wick melts the candle. Candles are usually used as a light source. Less powerful than magical light or lanterns, candles are mostly used in smaller spaces, say to light a desk for someone reading or writing. Candles are cheaper than the alternative sources though.   Sometimes candles are imbued with fragrances that release into the room when burning.  

Candles in Culture

Though most candles will be burned purely for light-giving reasons, candles tend to find themselves in a lot of traditions. In human culture, on one's birthday, it is tradition to blow out a candle and make a wish that you hope will come true over the next year. Similarly, in temples there will often be a table with rows of candles that one can light before praying to the gods. The exact reason for this is lost to the ages, it is simply the way to pray, but most believe lighting the candle symbolises connect with The Light, in which the gods are responsible for. Darkness is often associated with evil, so lighting up something is usually done to push evil away and let in The Light.   The lighting of candles during a burial and funeral ceremony is pervasive through almost every culture in the world. Most will have a variation of the idea of keeping evil at bay, so that Zarene, the goddess of death, can claim the deceased's soul before it can be taken by evil forces. Candles are occasionally lit at the graves themselves as a continuation of that concept.   However, candles are also associated with more fun things too. A young woman placing a singular candle in her room's window is a secret code to her lover to say that her parents are away and it is safe to come in. Of course, most parents were young lovers once and know full well what the lone lit candle means and may, on occasion, use it to trap the poor girl's lover.  


Most candles are made from purifying waste animal fats, the resulting product is known as tallow. However, more expensive candles are produced using beeswax, which is harder to find in the quantities required to make more than a few candles at a time.   In recent years, Billowblock Inventions has been making good progress in converting oils used to light lanterns into a wax for candles, though the process is yet to be perfected for large scale production.
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