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Sometimes, some words can't be convey with black and white alone
-AMBase Officer

Look...and you shall understand

  Barcodes are usually placed on a product for stock and management purposes. Common placement of barcode are etched onto cybernetics products, consumables, and persihables. However it is also use by certain organization to communicate in secret about their findings or something that they wish to communicate under the radar.

Reading the fine line

2D Barcodes possess line thickness and this one company AMBase create sets of line thickness from the bar code to create complete translation from variety of bar code lines into A-Z in common tongue. This 2D barcode could be printed onto a sticker as well for one time purposes. The said bardcode will work as intended, providing quick info updates regarding the goods that just been scanned. Alongside with the current inventory as well as expiration date if needed. Then again, if you're part of AMBase you'll certainly see some variety of line thickness from the bar code and it could convey entire different message than the scanner mentioned on your personal data device.

Why the complication?

  This code is created due to the previous AMBase experience when dealing a spy that compromise their data. Then AMBase CEO regulates a new language around its officer as well as company right hand man, a Bar Code language. Bar Code language is now passed around the higher ups and AMBase officer if there's proven compromised case within the company or it could be used when dire times calls for emergency confidential meetings. AMBase used this to cover their backside and tries to prevent another data leakage in the future. Hence the complication bar code encryption to ensure everything is not black and white.

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