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The Language of Flowers: Frufiscus flower


It is a flower which is commonly used in decorations and art. The flower is a popular symbol of loyalty and dedication, especially in a romantic context. Many lovers would gift their beloved a frufiscus to show their dedication and adoration of them alone. The way the recipient would wear the flower represented the way they recieved it. If the flower was worn pinned over the heart, it was a sign they liked the person back in the same capacity. If it was worn on the opposite side of the heart, it was a sign the gift was flattering but they did not feel the same way and they'd rather just be friends.   In City of Boor lovers will give their partner a crown pleated out of frifuscus flower and other flowers on the special holiday dedicated to their goddess Froulal, the goddess of love, truth, and battle.   The frifuscus bloom is not unusual as a motive for tattoos, tokens of affection like love letters, in paintings, as well as stories and poems.
Item type
Current Location
It's pretty commonly found in Askirah where it's a native flowering plant. It likes to grow in meadows and fields where it's not too wet. It is not difficult to grow in a garden setting, so long it is not overwatered and has some access to shade.
20 grams
Raw materials & Components
The frufiscus flower is what is known as a flowering plant. The flower itself is part of the plants reproductive composition. The main parts of a flower can be descriped in two parts, one being the vegetative part which is the petals and the linked structure in the perianth. The other is the reproductive or the sexual parts of the plant.

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