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City of Boor

The city of Boor, the place of discovery for the metal named after it: Boorium


The city of Boor is run by a priestly class, who rule by the will of the gods. Underneath them is the guilds (merchants, artisans, messengers, miners and smithys, et cetera) and below the guilds you find the peasant class, who farm and breed animals for a livelyhood. All pay taxes to the priestly class who make sure to maintain the infrastructure.


The city of boor has a special military class of priest whose purpose is to defend the city. The military priests mandatory duty is to train and maintain their force in times of peace, and in times of war they take charge of recruiting and traning more fighting forces from the commoners.

Industry & Trade

Many of the workers in the city of Boor is miners, teachers, holy warriors, merchants, smithers, or priests. The most common job is still to do with farming and many of those working with agriculture at least visit the city to sell their goods and pay tax to the city which maintain the roads and suchlike.


The city of Boor has many paved roads and bridges within it's city. Most of it's infrastructure stems from their primary industry, the mines. There are big smithers workshops and merchants squares. There are the living quarters of the workers living in the city and naturally, the public houses where one might find food and drink.


From the nearby mines, the miners can find copper and boorium which the city is famous for. The ores are purified by Smithers(profession:6747244a-ef55-47f9-9131-307d3ffb79a6) and made into standardized size bars, stamped with the city emblem. The city breeds a lot of beasts of burden, as well as transport animals like the @[Ri'la. Around the city there is a substantial amount of agricultural lands, the harvest goes mainly towards feeding the city.


The city of Boor started out as a mining village, and has grown ever since to be a capitol full of trade and work opportunities. For more, read Boor
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