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Killers in the Woods

In several of the regions of Andilain, high in the mountains, a number of symbols were discovered.   At first this was ignored.   It is not uncommon for arrow to break or snap, be that by a fleeing beast being hunted or even a mighty predator fighting back. But a series of catalogued events drew the attention of the Royal Guard.   Events involving the death of citizens—each with a peculiar set of circumstances.   It was not that these individuals were slain by arrows that mattered, but how the arrow was displayed after the fact.

The Connections

Though cases are now being reviewed, it’s not likely other cases will be found before this current entry—for the evidence has already been destroyed. Yet several merchant trains were found just weeks before the incident of Ungor Pass , each slaughtered in the most brutal fashion.   In two specific parties, the merchants themselves were shot through the chest with a single arrow. One pinned to a tree, the second pinned to the side of his own wagon—two arrows in his right arm, the third through the chest.   Both arrows in the chest (the killing blows) had been cut and split. These were not random cuts, or broken shafts—they were cut with an edged tool. In both cases, the shaft was severed midway to the fletching, and then split—and then a smaller piece of wood inserted between the split ends.   Two unique and distinct cuts, two completely different cases.    

The Meanings

Once this sign was discovered, other attacks were studied more closely.   A lone horseman, a young maiden alone for a ride on her fathers estate…three peasant farmers taking a goat to market in a wagon. These findings were shared with the Royal Guards, with lawmen throughout the kingdom, which revealed even more events across the Tilliman Highlands.   All killed by arrows, and each one displaying specific symbols.   We still don’t know what the symbols mean—but we have recorded the markings used, once they have been found and matched more than six times.

Common Findings

There are a growing number of murders/killing staking place that involve these strange, yet specific symbols. involving arrow shafts.  
  • An arrow with a pointed snap = it has been proposed that this is a singular target - as no other bodies have ever been found after this sign was discovered.
  • A single reverse cut has been found in many findings, but it’s unknown what this could mean.
  • An arrow split with a smaller piece separating, has been in instances--followed by other victims being discovered close to the original findings. It looks like this marks how many targets the killer still has to dispatch.
  • An arrow split with a smaller piece separating into 3 parts proved to be 3 targets. Authorities found an additional three deaths in proximity.
  • An arrow split with a smaller piece separating into 4 parts also proved to be 4 additional targets.
  • An arrow split with end frayed, covered in blood has been found multiple times, but no further evidence has been discovered to explain this
  The most troubling aspect of this whole secret symbolism, is that no one has been able to discover WHY these individuals have been targeted in the first place.

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