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Corded Sickle

In the Kalriv Empire, escaped slaves find few friends among most levels of Kalriv society and must conceal their identities from most Kalriv lest they be recaptured or killed. However, for an escaped slave to pass for a member of one of the other castes, it is necessary for them to band together with other slaves and/or sympathetic citizens who will help them integrate with society and leave their pasts behind.

To this end, as escaped slaves began to form communities and as sympathetic Kalriv formed contact networks to help these escaped slaves, it was deemed that slaves would need an item to identify themselves to allies but could also be passed off as an everyday item so as not to arouse suspicion. To this end, the sickle, a common farming tool, was chosen as an identifier. By tying a cord of yellow thread around the handle of the sickle, an individual could identify themselves as an escaped slave. A blue thread indicates a sympathetic Kalriv citizen.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Sickles are simple enough in their application; the inside of the blade is used to cut through wheat. It is also useful as a personal weapon should somebody find themselves in a fight.


The sickle was selected as an identifier of an escaped slave as it was commonly used among Kalriv labourers and slaves, and was therefore symbolic as a ‘bridge’ between a slave and a free Kalriv. The difference in cord colours was chosen as blue is one of the official colours of the Kalriv Empire banners and uniforms, therefore differentiating sympathetic Kalriv citizens from other slaves.
Item type
Related ethnicities
Sickles are almost universal among both Kalriv labourers and slaves. They are commonly used, inexpensive and easy to find.
Raw materials & Components
Most sickles consist of two parts; the wooden handle, and a crescent-shaped bronze blade.

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