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The Secret of the Muffin

The equivalent to the Illuminati in the CHG uses a muffin as its symbol... and is called the Muffin Club.

The story is long, but in short 3 triplets, all girls, who were masters of being in sync with one another and working together to manipulate people helped each other climb in society and, through the formation of a web of blackmail and bribery, formed the Muffin Club, unofficially named for the insistence of the head triplets that everyone bring them muffins, which some joked were the true reason for them taking partial unofficial control over the UHN government and several megacorps; getting tastes of the exotic and varied muffins that would be brought in.

Instances of muffins being poisoned have resulted in the triplets immediately knowing that they've been poisoned, calling it out by force-feeding one or 2 to homeless people kidnapped for this specific purpose, and then casually eating those of the poisoned muffins they didn't kill some poor person they kidnapped with one of as if them being poisoned just added extra flavour and proceeding to be totally fine afterwards, seemingly just for the flex. Oh, and they love to flex, with it probably being their only weakness amid all their intelligence, coordination, weird ability to know exactly how things are going, resources and seeming immune to poison.

Thanks to Immortality, the Muffin Club continues to exist with those 3 same leaders, eating muffins and both directly and indirectly controlling over 2/3 of the CHG's non-military resources.

But it's not just the CHG. The cheeky buggers appear to have their fingers in the The LIR or League of Intelligent Races and some other nations as well, albeit with actual competition there against the Toppers (top lads in the LIR).

As for muffins themselves... you know what a muffin is.

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