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The pansy will always be near to my heart. There were many nights where we weren't sure if we would ever be free. The first three nights we were chased by dogs. Every snapped twig made us jump. Salia Aradia gave us hope. That night at her safe house was the first time we felt freedom could be our reality. The pansy she gave my son Laurence and I didn't survive the journey, but I planted a pansy garden our first free summer. Some mock me for having a weed garden, but I can't imagine a flower more worthy of my time and devotion.
— Erin Rein, on his fourth freedom anniversary.

Undercurrent Symbology

Pansies are a common, durable wildflower in the Sea Prince territory. Some villagers will wear the flowers as a show of support for the Undercurrent. When placed in an Undercurrent Bouquets, the flowers symbolize a safe place for Juweles and their captains.  


Early in the undercurrent history, Salia Aradia's general store was the first safe house stop in the undercurrent. She had a large flower garden and would give a yellow pansy to each juweles as a symbol of their strength, and tenacity. These pansies came to signify hope. They are currently used in Undercurrent Bouquets to indicate when a safe house has a spot available for an escaping Juweles .  

Sign of Support

Over the last few years the pansy has grown as a quiet symbol of support for the undercurrent movement. Supporters have found increasingly creative ways to incorporate this symbol into their everyday life. Pansy prints have started to appear in dresses and as hair accessories. Supportive households may hang a pansy wreath on their front door. Men can be spotted with yellow buttons. Local jewelers have started selling cloak clasps with the pansy petal on one end of the broach with the stem looping round to a single pansy petal. Dedicated supporters have even started incorporating pansies into their tattoos.  

Wild Pansies

Pansies are a common wildflower that grows in cool damp patches along the trail. They are one of the more durable wildflowers in the region and grow in multiple varieties, with yellow and purple colors being the most common. Most people consider them a weed.
Flowers/Secret Code

The Undercurrent

Indicates the availability of a safe house and the safety of the surrounding area

Poppies - danger
Honeysuckles - supplies
Pansies - Spots Available
Subtype / Model
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