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Warlock's Ident-a-hedron

We have outlawed the unauthorized use of warlock pact magic. The world has suffered enough from their schemes. However, we do recognize their uses. Please know that Concordant Warlocks do exist among us, they are patriots, and they are perfectly safe!
— Instructor of Recruits
I don't trust warlocks. I'd exile them all if I could. You warlocks stay away from me, I don't want to know.
— Sgt. Kill Flayer

By design Warlocks cannot connect to, Ident-a-hedrons, the crystalized soul identification used in the Kirinal Concordance Zone. The hedrons connect to the same "port" in the soul that warlocks use for their pacts with their patron.

Concordant Warlocks

Warlocks licensed by the Concordance for Survival carry Warlock Ident-a-hedrons. These are official hedrons made without a soul fragment. They function for identification and communication purposes only, lacking all the other features of normal hedrons. These allow "good" warlocks to function in the Zone without the stigma of the Traitor Warlocks.

However, officials checking hedrons and anyone touching their hedron to a warlock hedron for com-sync knows that it's a warlock hedron. As a result, warlocks are loath to com-sync with anyone.

The Problem With Warlocks

Warlocks are hated and hunted, called traitors and betrayers. Unfortunately, some of them have earned the term Traitor Warlocks.

The second of the Kirinal Catastrophes was the direct result of warlocks summoning their patrons: Elder Evils, Fiends, and Undead Lords. They offered the mortal races as a sacrifice for their own power.

It took decades of war and the Withdrawal of the Gods to banish the Invading Patrons.

Not All Warlocks

Of course, not all warlocks actively participated in the betrayal of their world. Those with more beneficent (or neutral) patrons do what they can to repair the damage to their reputations. They call themselves Concordant Warlocks.

Traitor Warlocks

Malignant warlocks of nefarious intent also want to participate in the greatest civilization in the world. They live in hiding on the edges of society. Avoiding checkpoints when possible, but using a variety of methods to counterfeit a hedron.

Sources of Counterfeit Hedrons

Anti-hedron Scapegoats

The religious purists known as Anti-hedrons do not bear hedrons for religious reasons. Through a complicated process, they make counterfeit hedrons through "Soul Scapegoats" who are willing to take on the sin of soul corruption for the right price.

Soul Stealers

Criminals known as the Soul Stealers kidnap anti-hedron scapegoats and overdose them on the drug soulaster. This allows them to create dozens of counterfeit hedrons at the cost of Soul Hypertrophy for the poor kidnapped soul.

False Ident-a-hedron Invocation

Warlocks with enough power can learn an invocation ritual that turns their pact boon gift into an artificial hedron that functions as the legal hedrons. This allows the "traitors" to appear "concordant." However, they lose any benefits of the gift while it's in that form. The authorities are not yet aware that this is happening.

Pocket Pals

The most evil solution consists of kidnapping someone, incapacitating them, putting them into a portable hole on your person, assuming their identity, and using their hedon as your own. This also works with victims polymorphed into small animals , living heads, or brains in jars.

Warlock's Intuition

Warlocks in the Zone with false hedrons can feel when they're close to each other. The soul feedback between the pacts and their counterfeits creates a feedback loop that they can "hear." This generally happens within 60 feet of each other. They can only verify this with a com-sync.

This often leads to a cat and mouse game of "Concordants" tracking down "Traitors".

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Book / Document


Identification used in the zone created from a piece of crystallized soul.

Document | Oct 30, 2022

Crystallized soul shards used as identification and for communication in the Concordance Zone.


Religious purists who believe that soul manipulation is sinful. They make counterfeit hedrons by manipulating the souls of a few scapegoats.

Ethnicity | Jun 15, 2023

A group in the Zone opposed to ident-a-hedrons on religious grounds. They live in the Zone without ID

False Ident-a-hedron

The invocation used by warlocks to convert their pact boon into an ident-a-hedron.

False Ident-a-hedron Invocation
Spell | Jul 31, 2020

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