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The tipped over bucket

If you ever walk through the falling city and see a bucket, tipped over at the corner of an alleyway, you can be sure to find a less than legal bar somewhere within. Bars are under fairly strict rules from the city, having to get permits and go through routine checks in order to be allowed to stay open. To many people that is too much effort to go through, but the demand for bars is high and there are large profits to be made. So throughout the city, especially closer to the edge, there's a lot of illegally operated bars serving the workers after a long day. Often hidden away, they needed some way of letting people know where to find them without alerting authorities to their business. That's where the idea of the tipped over bucket came in. A completely normal item, sitting in a slightly unusual way to alert someone who knows what to look for without drawing more than a glance from those who do. The tipped over bucket is a widespread symbol throughout the city, and some wonder how the authorities haven't picked up on it yet. Others claim that they do, the city guards patrolling the edge simply chooses to ignore them as they are as frequent patrons as everyone else. It's simply in the best interest of both the bar owners and the people that the bars get to stay open, and so they do. Further towards the center, the tipped over bucket bars are far fewer, and in the inner city, there's almost none as customers are fewer and the guards on higher alert. Instead, legal bars get more frequent, having a crowd more interested in staying within the rules and regulations and owners that share the philosophy.

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