While not the most common thing found in the world, Lilies are a well-known symbol for sleep, dreams, and hopes. When people are having bad dreams its common to find a lily or a drawing of a lily on their pillow the next night. Sometimes, in newer hotels and hotels, you can find lilies woven into their decor, either engraved on the doors, embroidered into their linens, or worked into their overall color scheme. Some even make it apart of their name, really trying to promote the safe, relaxing, ready for sleep feeling for their customers. Mothers often put lilies near a child's crib to protect them through the night. Especially in the northwest, the symbolism is strong, seeing as that is where to find the Dream Lilies.

They got this reputation and symbolism ever since the widespread discovery of Dream Lilies in the Seeing pools and people began associating normal lilies with the same magics. The only people to not find the Lily as relaxing and reassuring are the Orcs and Ogres due to the incredibly high allergy rate in them. Lillies cause painful, purple, bloody rashes that last 15 days at least with one of these people come in contact with them. For children or cubs, of these people, this Rash is quite lethal. This brings much tension when Orcs or even half-orcs are traveling and they see this symbolism everywhere because, for them, the lily is an omen of pain and death. Sleeping and dining under such embellishments is a little unnerving. This could possibly aid in the segregation and tension between the groups, both interpreting things in a very different way, both meanings being deeply worked into the core of their cultures.
Item type
quite common, though found near water


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