Crow Feathers

Since Auguring became all but outlawed in Cirranne with Lord Protector Reginald II's strict adherence to the Tighrunite faith, it has become increasingly difficult for The Order of Augurers to find, protect and take in young girls who show signs of the gift of Auguring. To that end, those wishing to help the Order carry out their duty developed a system for signalling where members of the Order would find allies within the city.   In Cirranne, hanging a wreath of flowers, foliage and moss on your door is a fairly common practice which is said to make visitors feel more at home and demonstrate the welcoming nature of the host. Adding a single black feather from a crow to the wreath signals that the home is open to members of the The Order of Augurers and that they will find safe passage and respite within. Adding a second black feather means there is a person within in need of the order's services, and adding a feather of a different colour in addition to the black feather means there is a child within thought to have the ability to augur - a child who would no doubt be captured by authorities without the help of the Order.   However, since the The Order of Augurers doesn't have the resources to keep an eye on all the wreaths in Cirranne, there is a secondary messaging service for urgent matters. The correct number and makeup of feathers for the matter are sent anonymously to the order via a trusted messenger. One or two representatives from the Order, usually a Mater accompanied by a Sister, then travel to Cirranne. Upon arrival, they meet with a contact at one of their established safe locations who will direct them further.   Pre-arranged meetings and consultations are a little bit different as they have been arranged in advance and the Order usually knows where to find these clients, although since Lord Protector Reginald III tightened his hold on the citizens of Cirranne, they have become more infrequent.
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The black feather of a crow.

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