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Reese sat at the table, sipping from his tankard. Five men sat at the table with him, but not a word was said. They all were looking out the window, There the guildmaster, and his two closest compatriots stood, arguing with the 5 armored Exodites that had arrived in the district. Despite the wall in the way, much of their conversation was audible. Much of it shouted.   One of the elves stepped forward and reached out towards the guildmaster. He did not move. A second stepped forward, as the other three laid their hands upon the hilts of their blades. Reese looked at the wooden tankard in front of him, and drank the half which remained of its contents in one great gulp. Placing the tankard upside down upon the table, he stood up, beginning to walk outside.   The entire bar joined him. This would not stand.
    A tankard is a stout vessel made for holding a liquid, typically ale or beer. It is typically made of wood, horn, or metal. Larger than a cup, and cylindrical in form, the tankard is mainly associated with taverns, and in Cymbar this kind of drinking vessel is rarely used by elves.   Among the Rivermen of Fin-Allan, the tankard can contain a number of hidden meanings, based mainly on where the tankard is left and in which position. Though these meanings are well understood by the Rivermen, and generally anyone who frequents the same taverns guildmembers do, this enables guild members to communicate while keeping those outside of their circles oblivious. These messages generally signal onlookers to finish their drink and then do something, as it is difficult to use this code with a full tankard.   For example, leaving one's tankard upside down after finishing it is a call to gather outside and prepare for trouble. Leaving the last eighth of the tankard unfinished and leaving indicates that those at the table should reconvene at a later time in a private location to discuss something. Pushing a tankard towards the middle of the table, indicates support towards whatever was just said, while pulling it towards the edge indicates the opposite.

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