Overview of the History of Didome

The Ages of Blackness(0-2200)

Jharette Religious Cloth Pattern
The age when the populations were small, and each of the four civilization centers had a unique creation myth. Not much recorded history exists except for the collected myths, legends and parables in the holy works of the first religions.              

The Ages of Exploration (2201-2750)

Traditional reed boat(licensed under CC BY 2.0).jpg
Nil Yeni Lake Boat by comicpie (CC BY 2.0)
  When the population had expanded in the Tresbort Lakes region and the Nil Yeni had developed boats that could travel on the oceans. This lead to a rapid exploration and colonization of areas accessible by ocean travel. Others areas on Didome continued to see a migration and exploration of the wild plains, rivers, and seas.    

The Ages of Expanding Empires (2751-3500)

On the Cresshar main continent three major empire rise to prominence; The Early Yenari Empire transforms into the Middle Yenari Empire, The Din Yurk Empire controls the Di Din Sub-continent, and the Derwash Empire spreads along the Der River.  

The Ages of Conflict (3501-4103)

As Empires continue to rise and fall, this time sees some of the largest conflicts of the pre Gonne and Kannon era. From the nomadic invasions invasions of the Yenari and Din Yurk Empires, to the Navel wars, and religious occupations and Crusades' of the Greater Yenaria, Yenishar, and Shadcress regions.  

The Age of Gonne and Kannon (4104-4437)

Fire that musket ---- NOW. by archer10 (Dennis) is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.jpg
Gonners by Dennis (CC BY-SA 2.0)
With the introduction of the gonne and Kannon from the Sol-Rel-Ace region. The conflicts between nations and empires intensify as the more powerful technology fuels the religious and a cultural differences of the world. The War of 200 days and the Seasons war are two of the longest and deadliest wars of this period.  

The Age of Revolutions (4438-present)

Musket Man by Ian Livesey is licensed under CC BY 2.0.jpg
Wenia Mercenary by Ian Livesey (CC BY 2.0)
  As populations expand and technological developments continue. The populations in the great empires gain more social consciousness and unrest quickly follows. While many revolts and revolutions have occurred in the past 75 days, many elites are concerned that these are just the start of many more revolutions to come. Other elites believe that the unrest will subside and the world is on the cusp of a technological golden era.

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