The Marite's are a culture located in in the southern reaches of the Den Mar. They are an ancient culture that has existed for thousands of days. The Marites are mainly a people that travel in small Trimarin boats following the tides of the marsh gathering what the tides leave behind. Due to the periodic flooding of the marsh no other permeant settlements exist in the southern reaches of the marsh. Therefore, the Marites are a nomadic people that use their boats to follow the tides during the day. At night when the temperature drops and being out on the water becomes more dangerous, the Marites gather in large temporary villages of several hundred to a few thousand, and only send a few boats out to gather firewood and essential supplies.   The Marites have a matriarchal culture with each woman guiding her families 1-3 boats through the marshes. Sometime several matriarchs who are friends will band together and a few families boats will all travel together. Addionally, as young women grow into independence they will often times split from their extended family and lead their own family through the marshes, or several childhood friends will all break off from their extended families and join there new families together.


Gender Ideals

The Marites live in a fairly egalitarian society with distinct yet relatively equal gender roles. For the most part their society is matriarchal with women considered to have the wisdom required to lead their extended family through the marshes. Men are seen as more expendable and take on risker roles for their family. This means that women are seen as wise leaders and the men are seen as willing to sacrifice themselves for the good of their family.

Courtship Ideals

Since the Marites culture is matriarchal, the women are free to prusue the men that they want, and can stay in a relationship for as long as they want. This attitude tends to lead to the marites having a laid back attitude towards courtship and sex. A woman is free to choose any partner she desires and is free to exit her relationship at any time. However, it is expected that any rejected male is free to join back up with his mothers family whenever he wants. Despite this laid back attitude towards relationships and sex, Marites tend to form long term relationships with one other romantic partner.

Relationship Ideals

While Marite women are free to pursue any relationships they desire, they tend to settle with one man for the long term. However, since the expectation is for the men to take on the risky tasks this creates a slight imbalance in the numbers of men and women. This means that it is relatively common for two female friends to share one man. This creates a polyagoumos relationship and if the relationship with the man remains strong, the two families often travel together forming one larger familial unit. Yet the kids always know who their mother is and which family they truly belong to.
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