Old Delarian

    Scholars place the start of the Old Delarian Culture at around 2000 F.E. It started from a bunch of Nil Yeni fishing villages on the western side of the Vorden Mountians. Being isolated from the Fertile Shar and Tresbort Lakes they slowly diverged from the main Nil Yeni culture.   One critical development was the communities became more unwilling to participate in the Nil Yeni Unification Ceremony, and sent less of it's you male population to surrounding villages. This had two main effects on the culture. 1st with the taboo against sexual relationships with village siblings, this created a large underclass of men unable to fufill thier sexual desires. 2nd it made men who did join the village extremely desirable.   As this trend continued two traditions developed. 1st the concept of Commate developed among the men of the communities prevented from exploring opposite sex relationships. The notion of Commate was simply that a male bond grows stronger over the days and can become stronger than any other type of relationships, save the sacrifice for the community. This filled the males need for connection and caring as well as their romantic needs. Many men embraced this notion that so fully that they would not even participate in the unification game.   The second tradition that developed was every 10 day some young men from the village would compete in the Old Delnarian Unification Games where they attempted to impress other villages in the effort of getting to join the village. This meant that the males that joined the village were seem as almost nothing more the sexual object to fufill the desires of the women of the village. This meant that the men who joined the villages were not lacking for sexual attention, their objectification and lack of power often left many feeling powerless. Often times as they aged and lost their strength and virility, they were cast aside by the women and had similar status as the Commlan yet were ostracized by them.


Beauty Ideals

Very similar ideals to Nil Yeni people. Wise women and brawny vigorous men.

Gender Ideals

Everything is for the benefit of the community.   Women are seen as natural leader and strategists. They are responsible for bring up the next generation and guiding the community to prosperity.    Men are expected to sacrifice for the community taking on the hardest most dangerous jobs. The most virle men are supposed to join other communities creating alliances and being used to procreate. The men who don't leave are responsible for seeing the community prosper and are expected to take comfort in their special Commate bond with the other men.

Courtship Ideals

Men are supposed to show off how strong and brawny and virlie they are that the other village women can't help but ask them to join their community. This is mostly demonstrated at the Unification Games
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