Old Jharette

      The culture of Old Jharette developed on the island of Shadcress. It was initially settled by Old Delnarian settlers with a mix of Nil Yeni people as well.   During the 2800-2950 when the Jharette faith was developing the island of Shadcress was part of the Early Yenari Empire while its people held traditions much more similar to the people of Old Delnarian. The people had reorganized their Nil Yeni Himoth system along the lines of the Early Yenarian Empire Himarks system. However, the people of shadcress had not developed the obsession with blood steps, and remained in Himark communities with a large male Commelmen underclass. The Matriarch structure had started to focus on smaller units. Within a Himark the matriachachy was broken into 2-4 women (usually close friends or sisters) who lived with 1-2 men. With more of the focus on smaller famlies within the Himark. The Commlan men started to become even more marginalized and mistreated. Why should the women support someone else son who could not find a partner. This was causing unrest and turmoil in Shadcress that Jhar Dilith tapped into when he stated preaching in the streets.   As Jharettism swept through shadcress Jhar Dilith instituted several changes that left lasting cultural impacts on the Jharette people.   1st He preached about the dual nature of everything. Thus he preached that the male aspect was the deeply connected to the spiritual side of the world, while the female nature was connected to the physical world. He thus created the Jharette church as a organization where the Old Jharette Commlan formed the base of the clergy. He also created the Sol Jharette Empire to over see the administration of Shadcress. He replaced the Early Yenarian Empire HImarks system with the Ire ruling over the Himarks.


Shared customary codes and values

The Old Jharette Culture is intertwined with the Jharette faith. In fact without the faith the culture not be recognizable. The Old Jharette organize their lives around the faith. The Faith organizes the social structure of the Jharette. The society is divided into three main groups. The Commlan are a group of men who are assiated with the faith. They often times live in large group and help support the church. THey are oragnized in to different casts responsible for different aspects of the church. Castes might be responsible for agriculture, building, security, etc. The Ire are the hisghest part of the Commlan, and they are the educated clergy that run the church and the state. The final part of the society is the Felam composed of matriarchal families of 2-4 women and 1-2 men. They are focused on the female aspects and raising a family.
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Diverged ethnicities
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