Old Yenisharian

    The Old Yenisarian culture started to diverge from the Nil Yeni culture during the rein of Darmsel Darmin. With Nali declared a holy site. The Yenisharian remained very connected to the Nil Yeni people. So when Darmsel focused on her blood relations, so did many of the Yenisharians.   However, when Darmsel created the Himark system. It applied to the Yenishar terratories as well. However, since the population of Yenishar was still extremely low. A few small cities with many small fishing villages. Himarks controled whole small cities and large swathes of territory. Thus the concept as the Himark as a social support system never took hold and the Himark system remained a political rank of organizing the empire. The concept of Himoths, communities was slowly forgotten. Instead the Old Yenisharians focused on the blood families, this would still often times create large extended families all connected through matrialinal relationships.   Since the Himarks did not serve the role of a social safety net for men whose relationship ends with one of the women. The Yenisarians had a much stricter version of relationships. While it was still permitted for relationships to end, it was highly frowned upon. If one ended the male was often sent back to his original family and this often created a blood feud that could last generations.
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