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    The Cradcressian culture slowly developed from 2500 onwards. The first development in the culture happened because of the fact that the Cradcresse Islands were found to be rich in minerals and ores rare in Yenarian. This required a large population to establish and work the mines. From about 2500 - 3100 the Early Yenari Empire sent prisoners to cradcresse. When the practice was stop it created tension in the islands and revolts.   The next factor influencing the development of the culture was when Darmsel Darmin implemented the Early Yenarian Empire HImarks. Similar to the Old Yenisharians, the population was so low in the islands that the Himark rank often applied to small cities and many villages. This meant that as the population grew from immigration the Himarks included vast numbers of people and the Himark as a system of social support disappeared. Thus people focused on their blood families. When the Cradcressian entered into relationships it was understood to be a permeant commitment and can not be gotten out of. However, nothing prevented a Cradcressian women from entering into multiple relationships at once.   One common punishment for a crime was to be banished to the Esse caste for crimes. A larger proportion of men were sentenced to this caste. This created a situation where some women were not able to find eligible men to enter into a relationship with. Some cradcressian women in this situation would enter into relationships with another women and share a man.   Before Jehovism was established as the state religion in Dackkort, the culture had essentially three castes, the rulers Markist Caste , the Femme free class, and the filth Esse Cradcressian caste.   After Jehovism was established the markist class became a theocratic rulling class Jemarkist Caste Cradcressian. The Esse caste remained the same. However, the Femme class was split into three. The Cente Cradressian Caste merchants, the Furters guilds, and the Femme freewomen.
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