Old Yenarian

    Scholars mark the start of the Old Yenarian culture at the founding of the Early Yenari Empire in 2760 F.E. However, in reality the shift from the Nil Yeni culture to the Old Yenarian culture was much more gradual. However, with the founding of the empire a couple of cultural shifts did in fact happen.   1st, the First Empero Darmsel Darmin believed that she divinely blessed by Barsamin herself to lead the Nil Yeni people and guide the Barsamic Faith. She also believed that her blood gave her this mystical ability. So she placed a lot more focus on her direct offspring as opposed to the collective offspring of the community. This caused many women in the surrounding community to focus much more on their personal offspring and less on the communal children.   However, much of the political control of the southern Tresbort Lakes region depended on the communities led by a Himoth and the political alliances that the Unification Ceremony created. However, Darmsel Darmin created Himark systemto replace the old Himoth. She gave each Himoth the rank of Himark, a title that was passed down within the himark comunity. However, each empero reserved the right to revoke and replace the Himark if they so desired. This created a system where the Himarks reported directly to the Empero a higher Himark.


Gender Ideals

The Old Yenarians still lived in a highly matriachal gendered society. Women were still thought of as natural leaders and praise for their wisdom and inteligence.   Men were thought of as essential for their brawn and strength but not seen as intelligent or good leaders. This was evident in the make up the Yenarian military. Many of the soldiers were men, while the leaders, genrals and commanders were female.

Courtship Ideals

The Nil Yeni Unification Ceremony also changed in importance. It was a way for youngster to have their first relationships and for the community to create other formal ties with surrounding communities. Darmsel Darmin instituted the holy idea of Unitond, which formalized the swapping of offspring of around 20 days old. For The Yenarians, this still took the form of Himarks swapping children with other Himarks.

Relationship Ideals

Yenarians still did not have a strong commitment to life long partnerships. If a Yenarian women entered into a relationship and it did not work out. they would part ways amicably. The Women would still be part of the Himark Hieachy and the Himark had a responsibility to take care of any men not in a relationship.   With the Yenarians obsession with blood relatedness. The taboo against inter community relationships faded. Over several days the Yenarians developed the concept of Old Yenarian Blood Steps, and discovered that creating children with someone 4 or less blood steps away from you was a very poor idea.
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