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Aranama is the home that we dream of. Why would you try and go out from your home? -Untouchables

People have choices

  Majority of Aranama resident choose to find a new home after Earth experiencing its expiration. Then again, some peoples choose to stay inside Aranama forever. Aranama provides everything that they want and they need. When there's a time for a communal meetings and voting. Untouchables always voice out their opinion on how they should stay on this ship instead of venturing out.   Untouchables still function as a valid human resource since they're doing their work that's been tasked to them. Then again, some resident still despise them since they'll show no efforts for research and data regarding new planets or asteroids. Sometimes they simply keep that information to themselves and not sharing it openly to the public. In order to regress the progress of discovery.   They're little in number however the numbers of untouchables grows steadily as the days pass by. Untouchables are not limited to humans. Some awakened animals as well as the elemental shares some sentiment as well. Even though they're a fully functioning beings that helps with the well being of Aranama. Then again, deep down the Untouchables are planning to take over the mothership. They're doing this so they can live inside Aranama forever without the needs to look for another home.   So far, there's no one that knows their intention. Untouchables usually gather in the Aranama sewer system once per month. They're doing this to avoid the attention from unwanted people. In here they simply discuss about their next steps and plan of actions.   Untouchables usually communicates with sign language, body gestures, or eye contact in public areas to avoid attention from Aranama officers.

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