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Musseron's Children

On the outskirts of Haverstock there exists a commune that calls themselves "Musseron's Children." Partaking regularly of Sinnelänk Berries, they purport to have achieved a level of social enlightenment that allows them to "function in coordination for the greater good."   They are currently trying to raise the funds to build a grain mill downriver to be used by farms in the "co-operative whole." They state that this will allow them to keep their flour production "in the family" and help them to avoid the Fryst mills' "negative vibes."   Many of Musseron's Children are assumed to be experiencing the effects of Mush-Mind.


Culture and cultural heritage

The birth of Musseron's Children can be traced back to the teenaged sons on three neighboring farms just outside of Haverstock. After successfully using Sinnelänk Berries a to share knowledge during tests, they decided to use them again the following Harvest Season. Tag-teaming each farm's crops while under the Berries' influence, they were able coordinate their movements and finish all three harvests in record time.

Common Dress code

Musseron's Children are allowed to dress as they please. However, the longer one is part of the collective, the more likely they are to dress like the whole. Eventually, they all gravitate to plain black pants and a deep purple tunic whose color favors the Noxious Morels used to create Sinnelänk Berries.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Heightened intake of Sinnelänk Berries during harvest, and at special occassions.

Common Taboos

Selfishness Greed

Historical figures

"The Five" - the original five neighboring teenagers who harvested under the influence of Sinnelänk Berries. Their names are remembered but not often  recognized in favor of "promoting the collective."

Significant presence in

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