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Unmasked Forest Elves

"The masks have their place, but their place is not here in the cities."
Forest Elves traditionally wear masks to protect themselves from Faceless Fae attacking while in search of their lost masks. The "Unmasked" are Forest Elves who choose to not wear their masks when intermingling with others in the cities, or not wear masks at all.
"Look, Faceless Fae are scary when they lose their masks, but they don't come to the cities. And honestly? We spend so much of our time telling grass-landers that they're not supposed to mess with the Faceless' Masks, that those idiots deserve to get their faces eaten. Farobia is all about scaring people and making them be brave, if they want to be suicidal to prove their bravery, then they're on their own."
"Faceless attacks are a story my parents told me to make me follow the rules. 'Oh, make sure you're quiet when moving, or an Maskless Faceless might get you!' Stuff like that. They're cute and don't generally like grown ups anyway, so why would they be a threat to us way out here?"


"Unmasked" - Unlike Maskless or Blank, the term does not hold a directly negative connotation in general. Most Unmasked consider themselves to be preogressivists and recognizing that the traditional threats do not live in the cities built by High Elves and among the Nomadic Elves' seasonal migration sites.


Most Unmasked are young adults who have not lived in the more traditionally Forest Elven regions of Tormyra, or teens who are preparing to leave their more traditional home towns. The older Unmasked are generally the ones who will carry their mask with them or wear their masks while in the forests.
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