What you see before you is a state that is in decline. The empire that we live in is built upon the pain and misery of others. We are told that at a young age that war is good and that we should send ourselves and our children to die in lands that we have never seen before nor associated with. All for what, the glory of killing others and taking what belongs to them, to enslave them and their children to serve us, to destroy what they have built after many generations and claim our way of life is better. I say no to you my fellow friends and countrymen for we no longer live in a time where war was a necessity for survival. We have enough wealth for ourselves, but we only give scrapes to those we oppress and abuse. Even our own people suffer now as even the Senate , the heart of this nation has fallen corruption and debauchery as they line their pockets while our children starve. Now is the time for change for if we do not this empire were destroyed not from any foreign threat, but from within.  
- Vertas speaker before being beaten in the streets
  The Veritas are a political movement that exists within the Vatian Empire that wishes to see the empire reform it outdated policies and tradition in order for it to become prosperous. Though they were once Vatians themselves they have since rejected their way of life built by the empire and now live on the edge of society as outcasts and spreaders of dissidents. They are often found protesting and have speakers trying to get crowds to listen to them. Along with changing how social dynamics with society which has caused quite the outrage among the Vatian people.


Culture and cultural heritage

They believe that the empire needs change and reform in order for things to get better. Which are both social and political as at a whole. Things such as slavery, second class citizens and militarization should be removed. Along with the reformation of the Imperial Senate and monarchy that will bring forth a more democratic state and that the people will have more say in the government rather then just the rich and nobility controlling everything.

Shared customary codes and values

All should be able to treat each man and women with respect and kindness. That no one should live their lives oppressed or enslaved for the benefit of others. By work with one another rather then fighting each other anything can be achieved in a community. That is the way that the Veritas believe how the world should work. No matter who you or where you come from, all should be treated fairly inside a community. Another value is pacifism is the way to keep society working and the violence lead to more conflict that will eventually consume everything in their path.

Common Dress code

Most member often were clothing that are green and blue clothing to stand out and were different clothing that may seem controversial. With men not shaving or cutting their hair and women wearing more revealing clothing then they traditionally should. With some cases of women wearing men's clothing at times.

Common Taboos

Segregation and oppression as something that they will not stand for no matter what. Along with violence as they believe it should never be used to get want you want.


Gender Ideals

There are no differences between men and women as they believe that it is that both can do the same duties and jobs as the other. For they are equals in each others eyes and to say that one or the other is superior is nothing more then nonsense.

Relationship Ideals

For a man and a women to be together should always to be about love first all above else and nothing else matters. For no object or gift can get you any of it no matter how hard you try. It is all about sharing the moment with each other and having a bond that is unshakable no matter what lies ahead of them.

Major organizations

Parent ethnicities
Related Locations


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