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Reborn Ran-E-Zu

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Midug-Tu Ran-E-Zu are a separatist movement among the Rilsu, trying to restore the perceived glory of the Ran-E-Zu. They are widely regarded with suspicion since many aspects of their ideology undermine the very foundations of the Rilsu culture. The Midug-Tu Ran-E-Zu, however, relish their role as the thorn in society's side.


Major language groups and dialects

Members of the group prefer to converse in Zuni, the old language of the Ran-E-Zu.

Culture and cultural heritage

They see themselves as the true descendants of the Ran-E-Zu, if not in genes then in spirit. As such, they resent the enforced interbreeding with the Rilanga after the Final War, and reject everything that appears to be rooted in the latter's culture.

Shared customary codes and values

The Midug-Tu Ran-E-Zu place individuality above everything else, seeing the Rilsu laws and codes of conduct as an oppression of their freedom. They also emphasize passion over reason, since the latter is seen as a hallmark of Rilanga culture.

Art & Architecture

Their artforms emphasize organic shapes, expressionist styles and vivid colors, as a deliberate contrast to the allegedly cold logic of the Rilanga. Trying to set themselves apart from the already diverse Rilsu art world, many artists toy with taboos and test out the boundaries of taste by depicting violent and gory scenes, glorifying substance abuse, or insulting real persons.

Coming of Age Rites

When children reach the age of legal responsibility, they are subject to a test of courage. This involves committing minor crimes, such as shoplifting or vandalism, and getting caught in the process. Fine notices resulting from this are treated like badges of honor, being a testament to the individual's rebellion against the establishment.


Beauty Ideals

They value physical traits that were characteristic of the Ran-E-Zu, such as cooler colors, a pronounced kink in the nose, or the head crest pointing upwards. In contrast, traits characteristic of the "enemy" are seen as a blemish that needs to be "bred out".

Alternative Name
Midug-Tu Ran-E-Zu

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