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Major language groups and dialects

Over the years the Orcesh have developed and refined their native tongue of orcish. If they were to encounter another orc they would still be able to communicate but the orc may miss many thing the Orcesh is saying.    The Orcresh are also very fluent in common and Draconic. Languages of races are also known and taught but not really spoken.  If an Orcesh were to speak to those races it wouldn't necessarily be understood what they were trying to convey.

Culture and cultural heritage

While the Orcesh have broken the racial binding of their heritage they still hold a deep respect for certain aspects of it. The Orcesh feel they have ascended beyond the primitive confines of most orcish cultures. Yet they do acknowledge what made their ancestors such great hunters and warriors and continue to honor them but not at the cost of what they achieve.    The Orcesh have become a culture that values intellectual strength as much as it does physical. Their first inclination in conflict is diplomacy not violence. Everyone has value not just the strongest warriors.

Common Dress code

The Orcesh have a very acute sense of style and have come along way from what their ancestors wore.

Coming of Age Rites

This is where the Orcesh's respect for their ancestors is shown the most. At the age of eleven they are sent out into the wilderness for a week to to survive on their own. In reality though they are closely watched from a far and aided if they find themselves in a trurly dangerous situation.

Common Taboos

Orcesh who find themselves falling to close to the old ways are first given a chance to fix the behaviors and attitude. If they continue without rectifying these taboos they are banished.


Beauty Ideals

Living away from others of orc-kind the Orcesh have developed a very different sense of beauty. They find that beauty cannot truely be conveyed by physical appearance alone. They hold the ideal that spiritual beauty is just as important if not more so than that of one's physical form..

Courtship Ideals

The Orcesh believe in equality i nall aspects of life including courtship. They do not believe in prearranged unions in any form. There for it is more upon the individuals regardless of gender to determine if a courtship is right for them.   The act of courtship can take many forms. Some resort to bestowing gift as gestures of love and intentions. Other use skill or artistry as a way to demonstrate their emotions towards their desired companion.

Relationship Ideals

Relationships are a treasured part of the Orcesh culture. Whether between a male and female or female and female or a male and a male. A person loves who they love and the heart wants what the heart wants sometimes regardless of gender.
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