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The Smuggler's Corridor

The region now known as the Smuggler's Corridor was once a singular tropical continent by the name of Pedrellis. Thousands of years ago a natural disaster known as "The Shattering" sundered Pedrellis into four subcontinents. The northern is Weirence, the southern is Kelvoth, the eastern is Rameirence and the western is Schillvoth.   Over the course of time this region has become utilized by smugglers and pirates for centuries as a way losing unwanted attention and as a safe haven. Thousands of island lay in the waters of this sea situated between the four tropical subcontinents. Many settlements dot the shorelines some known and others hidden for nefarious purposes. The vast jungles and rainforests here are teaming with many forms of flora and fuana some documented and many more undocumented species of plants and wildlife.


The Smuggler's Corridor contains some of the most breathtaking and treacherous landscapes found on the face of Traith. From the crystal clear water that wash upon immaculate beaches to the mountain peaks that climb skyward out of the jungles and rainforests that cover much of the land.

Fauna & Flora

This region is the home to the largest variety of flora and fauna found anywhere on Traith. It contains around 43,000 plant species, nearly 2,900 bird species, 6,000 types of fish, 600 species of mammals, and 2.5 million different insects. In addition to all of this it is one of only two habitats that still has an active population of dinosaurs.

Natural Resources

Almost any resource you could possibly need can be found here. Almost. Yet the resources exported from the region are not cheap. Finding and maintaining a work force to labor in a semi hostile environment and shipping across vadt oceans drive up the cost of these plentiful resources.


Scattered across the northern shore of Weirence and the souther shores of Kelvoth are a number of city sataes and freeholds that thrive on a healthy tourism economy..
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