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(El-Zora)   Elzora is the closest of Traith's three moons and is featured prominently in the skies day or night. It has a breathable atmosphere, temperate climate, pocked with massive craters with plains resting at the bottom of some and swamps in others with temperate forests cover most of the moons surface.   Elzora isn't widely inhabited by sentient races. It is however home to a sub-race of orcs who have thrown off the shackles that typically prevent orc-kind from progressing beyond a barbaric tribal society. These orcs began referring to themselves Orcesh as a way to differentiate themselves for the rest or orc-kind. They have lived here in peace for many generations with little else to contend with really other than the wildlife to .   Sixty-five dragons found their way to Elzora trying to escape from Traith and the "imprisonment". Shortly after the dragons migration many of them began falling ill. At first the dragons believed that these orcs had cursed them and a short lived conflict ensued. The dragon's felt they must cleanse Elzora of its orcish inhabitants in order to end the "curse" the orcs had placed on them.   The Orcesh maintained they hadn't cursed the dragons and persistently clung to this claim. One day an Orcesh druid happened upon a very sick dragon who was ebbing closer to death. This druid showed the dragon compassion and began nursing the her back to health. The druid successfully cured and rehabilitated the dragon and in the process the two formed a bond. They returned to their kin together in solidarity to show the dragons that the Orcesh were not behind the dragons sickness and that the Orcesh were nothing like their brutish ancestors.   These two became practically inseparable and over the course of time their bond evolved into love. They entered into a union and produced the first half-dragon half-Orcesh offspring. It was these two that helped to usher in a time a piece and understanding between the dragons and Orcesh.


Somewhere in the AT period Elzora fell victim to an orbital bombardment. This is the reason for Elzora's surface being riddled with craters. These massive craters cover eighty-five percent of Elzora's surface with some as big as thirty-six miles in circumference. Most of which are lined by temperate forests from the rim to the start of the basin with swamps l water covering the fifteen percent.

Fauna & Flora

Elzora is home all the same types of plants and animals as found on Traith based on similar climates and environments.

Natural Resources

Elzora is in no danger of having much of it's current levels of natural resources depleted any time soon. It has about fifty percent of all resources still available
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