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Located in the outer most reaches of an arm of the Zavolan spiral galaxy the planet Traith is eons old formed in infancy of the multiverse.   A medium size terrestrial world Traith is teaming with life on every level of evolution scale. Inhabited by many different species and forms of life both sentient and animalistic, Traith is the primary source of life in the solar system.  
by Peter M Thomsen
by Peter M Thomsen


The continents of Traith are covered by a number vastly diverse environments from the cold and unforgiving lands of Marthepp to the hot and sweltering dunes of Abraul  


Ecosystem Cycles

Traith has four seasons starting with the with the spring summer fall and winter. These seasons are roughly ninety-one days long with seasonal cusps averaging about fifteen days long in between each season.

Localized Phenomena

There are many locations scattered across Traith where the metaphysical energies of the multiverse are unusually strong. These phenomenon are call nodes and depending on which type of metaphysical energies are seeping through these nodes also determines how these nodes interact with the environment around them.

Fauna & Flora

Traith home to an incredible amount of plant and animals that vary drastically in size and shape. From dragons flying on the wind to Sharthak patrolling their territories beneath the waves. The abundant plant life is just as diverse from the boreal forests of the northern lands to the tropical rainforest found along Traiths' equator.      

Natural Resources

Traith is a resource rich world while many of its natural resources have been discovered and are still used to this day. Some recourses have been discovered multiple times only to be lost again after the fall of that civilization.


Traith is eons old full of rich history yet there is more unknown than what is currently known. The most detailed period of time would be the ten thousand years since the Rebirth. Over time some sages and scholars have discovered some pieces of information about Traiths vast and turbulent past.   Traith was once a technology advanced planet the hub of a system wide human civilization that were capable of traveling the system with relative ease but weren't able to travel out into the greater cosmos. This civilization fell after being invaded by a more advanced alien species (yet undetermined). As a last act to try to save themselves they detonated a device that proved to be more catastrophic than thought and nearly wiped all life in the system. The last remaining humans sought refuge by moving beneath the surface of Traith. With limited technology their numbers dwindled even more till there numbers were down to double digits. The last remaining inhabitants found a semi-functional cryogenics Labatory. The survivors voted to attempt to repair the cryogenics system in effort to save themselves from starvation, with the hope that someone, anyone might save them.     A ship captain (starship) named Vol'droeth was scouting for food one day in the depths of the underworld where he ended up wandering into the plane of shadows and exited somewhere far from his home world. Several millennia later he returned powerful enough to resurrect the dead planet Traith had become wiping away almost all remnants of the once great civilization.     He is now known as the Forefather (over deity of Traith's cosmology). Since Traith's rebirth, several civilizations have risen and fallen and some still stand after a thousand years.


by Peter M Thomsen
by Peter M Thomsen
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by Peter M Thomsen
by Peter M Thomsen
by Peter M Thomsen
by Peter M Thomsen

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