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New Eskeldor

New Eskeldor was the first settlement established by the people who would become known as the Frostborn. They survived for sixteen years in the unforgiving lands of Marthepp . Facimg wildlife and creatures that were beyond anything they had previously encountered or understood from their homeworld. The border walls around New Eskeldor were were built in the first year. Originally theses walls were constructed the wood from the near by forest.. after a couple more year the Frostborn discovered a near by cave suitable for mine and began integrating and then replacing the previously constructed wood wall.  
        As more races appeared in in the unforgiving landscape


Humans 75% Elves 24% Half-Giant 1%


The humans that founded New Eskeldor came to Traith after living in a democratic society that failed in the most catastrophic of ways, the death of their homeworld. In spite of this they recognized the merits democracy offer and that's what they based New Eskeldor's government on. The towns population was small enough the everyone had a say in all the decisions from early on.
Large town
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