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the Frostborn

The Frostborn are mixed group species who came together in the First Age. The group first started with humans from a world in the mists of technological revolution. These humans lead by a man named Danorn and his wife Lesara. They numbered one hundred and eight people in total who made the migration to Traith. Danorn had been skeptical of his interaction with the Emissary who had approached. He kept thinking how surreal it was why had the Emissary chosen him took make contact with. Had it even truly happened? He gathered his closest friends and family to tell them what he had experienced and many thought him delusional at first but the more he spook about that interaction the more they believed him. His friends and family decided to start preparing for what might be the end of the world, they validated what Danorn had told them the consensus was prepare for the worst and if it didn't happen all they would lose was time, effort, and money. Now in the event this cataclysm did take place and they weren't prepared they would all die so the phrase "better safe than sorry" quickly became popular among this group of migrants. They broke themselves into smaller groups that were each tasked with acquiring a specific type of resource they were designated. With all their resources pooled together with everything from knowledge, money, tools, to transportation.


Culture and cultural heritage

The Frostborn culture is a mixing the of various cultures of the races that make up the Frostborn.

Shared customary codes and values

The needs of the Frostborn out weight the needs of an individual. They have managed to survive millennia with this as their core ideal.

Common Dress code

There is no specific dress code among the Frostborn although heavier cloths and skins are preferred.

Art & Architecture

An odd collaboration of the races and cultures who make up the Frostborn. Over the course of time they began constructing large structures with ornate stone workings and inlay.
Encompassed species


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