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Brontuxell (Bron tux ell)

These colossal beast roam the frozen forests, plains and valleys of Marthepp in large herds.

Basic Information


The Brontuxell on average are approximately eightteen to twenty four meters in length. Their long necks are balanced out by equally long tail. Their immense bodies held aloft by four powerful stout legs.

Genetics and Reproduction

The Brontuxell lay their eggs about two months before the yearly thaw and they typically hatch within the first week of the thaw.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The Brontuxell are an omnivores species who typically consume vast amounts of vegetation during months of the Thaw. During the longer the Long Freeze they scavenge for what ever sources of food they may find.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The Frostborn managed to domesticate some Brontuxell which allowed them to move heavier resources from one place to another. This also enable the Frostborn to work larger areas of farming during the Thaw.   The Brontuxell's long heavy fur has been used for crafting cloths for millennia, and the tender meat has been eaten for just as long in countless different way of being prepared.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

The Brontuxell are native to the frozen snow and ice covered lands of Marthepp. There have never been any recorded encounters with Brontuxell outside if the continent of Marthepp.
Many scholars and zoologist believe the the Brontuxell are relative of the dinosaur species the brachiosaurs. These two creature of gargantuan proportions are very similar in so many ways with the biggest difference being that the Brontuxell are covered in long hair like fur. Scholars have two theories on why this is the first theory is that they just happened to evolve in a similar way and have zero of the same genetic make up. The second theory is that the Brontuxell come from the same genetic family and evolved and adapted to be able to survive in such a harsh enviroment.
Scientific Name
Average Height
An average Brontuxell stands approximately 15 feet high at the hips.
Average Weight
the average weight of a Brontuxell is between 15 and 18 tons.
Average Length
An average Brontuxell is between 18 and 20 meter long.
Geographic Distribution
Related Ethnicities


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