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The Northern most continent in the western hemisphere is a friggedly cold mostly snow covered land home to many creature who favor the much colder climates. Home to several different humanoid races Marthepp has never been conquered, ruled , or united by any one person or faction. The only thing that could be considered close to that would be the Frostborn.  
by Peter M Thomsen


Located in Traith's Easter Hemisphere north of Marquest, Marthepp is mostly covered in snow and ice that only gets colder the further north you travel. Several large mountain ranges crawl across the various plains or climb skyward out of the numerous tall forests with rivers and steams flowing down from the snow capped peaks.  

Ecosystem Cycles

The northern most area of Marthepp remain frozen and snow covered year around while the southern most areas see thaw for about two months out of the year.

Localized Phenomena

It has been rumored that there may be a gate to the to Para-elemental Plane of Ice that was left open and long forgotten.

Fauna & Flora

Many plant and animals roam the wilderness of Marthepp Many of them unique to the continent. Plants and other vegetation line the forsts, valleys, and plain especially the months of the Thaw.

Natural Resources

Marthepp if rife with a variety of natural resources much of which lies undisturbed. The natural habitat does not lend well to the harvesting of the plentiful nodes of minerals and veins of valuable ore      


Since the First Age Marthepp has been a cold, frozen and unforgiving land that is home to some of Traith's most ferocious wildlife. The first recorded encounters with a dragon, spawn of Tiamat, and the cult of Tiamat were on Marthepp.


Through the ages more people have left Mathepp than have migrated there yet there is a small market for tourism. People who love a challenge, looking to hunt down some of the colossal game that roam the plains and forest come here
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