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Witchmoor Hollows

Shrouded by myth and legend the Witchmoor Hollows have remained undisturbed for thousands of years. It is a place of cold and shadows and the home to many natural and unnatural flora and fauna. The forest is dotted with several glens and clearings with reports of strange stone standing unusual patterns.


Located in a valley in central Marthepp the Witchmoor Hollows are dense forest that rests in the shadows of the Endless Peaks mountain range. There are many winding streams and a river that flow down and through the mountains into the forest. These steams provide a constant source of fresh water to the denizens of The Hollows

Localized Phenomena

Through the ages many settlement have risen and fallen in the areas surrounding the Witchmoor Hollows. There have been countless report of strange and abnormal phenomenon. Sightings of dancing light from above and within the Hollows, loud ferocious roaring at random times of the day or night, or winds gusting through the the dense forest while the vegetation surrounding standing still.

Fauna & Flora

The Witchmoor Hollows is home to many species of plants and animal both natural and supernatural alike.

Natural Resources

Wood is the most plentiful of the natural resources to be found within the Witchmoor Hollows followed by other vegetation. The animals that roam these Wood would be the second most prevalent resource to be found in the Hollows. As with the rest of Marthepp the harvesting of the natural resources would be difficult best that compounded with the numerous recorded instances of supernatural phenomenon in and around the Witchmoor Hollows has kept the forest and its natural resources untouched for millennia.


The most detailed reports about what the Witchmoor Hollows contains within its borders come from the First Age and the records of the Frostborn. Long before the borders of the forest ceased to crossed the Frostborn utilized the Hollows for many of its natural resources. They hunted the forest for its game, use the trees for lumber and had a constant source of fresh water that flowed down from the towering mountains.
Alternative Name(s)
The Hollows, The Witchmoors
Forest, Temperate (Seasonal)
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