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Aaremberlin (R-rem-ber-lin)

The island of Aaremberlin is located between the continents of Toroum and Vahalland. It is one of the largest elven nation on Traith and is the largest country comprised entirely elves.


The island of Aaremberlin is covered predominantly by a thick forest with several mountains that peek through the dense canopy of the forest below.

Localized Phenomena

The Elven Grand Mages of Aaremberlin have used power magics to erect wards around the island. The wards have been in place since these elves established the island as their home.


The elves of Aaremberlin once maintained a good rapport with rases of Toroum. Engaging in trade and commerce proved to be pivotal to the elves and their burgeoning country. Aaremberlin built an embassy in the port city of Brisckarin.   With the rise of Zarpurazz¬†the elves of Aaremberlin abandoned their embassy and retreated to their island home in an effort to not become embroidered in a war with the deities armies invading the continent of Toroum.
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