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The continent of Marquest may be the most civilized area of Traith. That is not to say that there is no conflict or war on Marquest but compared to some of the events in other parts of Traith Marquest is considered the most tame.
  Many races and species call Marquest home.


From the tropical beaches on its southern shores to cold snow capped peaks that crawl across the landscape. From the Shyvistil Forest and Sharvistil Forest  in west to the Farvistul Forest and the Firvastul forest  of the elvin land Quazendale  to the stone halls of Noralode  the dwarves of Marquest have been scattered among the various mountain ranges. Marshes, deltas, rivers, and lakes dot the beautiful lands of Marquest.


The continent of Marquest see the effects of the seasonal changes across most of its landscape. While it's southern most almost never sees any snow or ice there have been on occasions the ultra rare weather pattern that leaves a morning frost that melts away in seconds once the sun rises.   If you were travelling north along the western coastline of The Par Sea of Gara right around Tepth's southern border is where one can really start to see and feel the difference in the climate as gradually gets colder the more north one goes.    During the winter months Tepth , Quazendale , Glendeiril, and most of the northern reach can see significant snow fall total. Inland travel during the winter months can tend to be problematic depending on your mode of transportation and when you're going. The mountain ranges Dragon Crest Mountains , Nedrene Mountains ,

Natural Resources

Marquest has all the essential resources for thriving civilizations, at least in most parts of the continent.


Marquest's has a rich and tumultuous filled with long wars with kingdoms and dynasties rising and falling.


The are many sights to see and behold scattered across Marquest. Some of these attraction are safer to visit than others.


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