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The Cyclopean Sea

The Cyclopean Sea is the largest body of water on the surface of Traith touching most of Traith's continents.   It can be violent at time and peaceful at others. Storms can form in several different areas of the Cyclopean Sea gaining power as they move towards the coastlines of the shores it touches.   Many sailors refuse to sail the open waters of this vast ocean out fear of getting lost or being attack by pirates or predators lurking beneath the waves.


The Cyclopean Sea is vast and has many islands both documented and undiscovered that are scattered across its surface. The Sea touches the shores of most of Traith's continents.   These water play a major role in almost all of Traith's trades and commerce.


Many different forms of life enhabit the waters of the Cyclopean Sea from miniscule plankton to the gigantic predators know as  Sharthak patrolling the waters.    Several sentient aquatic species have built kingdoms and nations that rest beneath the waves of the Cyclopean Sea. The Sea Elves of

Localized Phenomena

As the sun crawls across the sky above the Cyclopean Sea its light shines through the red crystal spire of the city of Stremberthal causing the psionic conductor glow. This glow can be experienced up to one hundred miles away with the sky and water having a pink hue, as travelers get closer to the city the color becomes more intense and darker in shade.

Natural Resources

The Cyclopean Sea is an abundant fishing ground with countless spices of edible Sea life. The bottom of this ocean in filled with many untouched resources do to the depths at which they lay. Several smart entrepreneurs in the past have hired spellcasters specializing in water manipulation to aid in the harvesting of the resources of the sea.


This ocean came  to be after a cataclystic event early in the First Age saw the continent that once occupied the area crumbled and sank beneath the waves. The Isle city of Stremberthal sits at the exact center of where the continent  once sat.


Ships from all over Traith sail these waters and  those who afford often book cruises or fishing trip in hopes of seeing creatures not native to their own local environment.
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