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City of Dreyhaiven

"The first time and only time I saw the city of Dreyhaiven I had no idea what it was, it had appeared on the horizon out over the Par Sea of Gara in the early hours of the morning. In the distance it looked like the bottom half of a beehive with bees flying around it. By midday those little bees had reached the shores of Atepthilar and they surely weren't the bees they had appeared to be hours earlier they were airships fashioned after sea fairing counterparts. The city of Atepthilar began ring its warning bells as they weren't sure what to make of the situation. These airship descended into the harbor and docked with the other ships. Dignitaries began disembarking those ships and were met by myself and one of our naval commanders. After brief negotiations and with the approval from King Jaffalimar the dignitaries returned to their city with word that trade relations had been established and were welcome to bring the city closer. I have never seen such a site as awe inspiring and I've seem the Popcorn Dragon Airship and that was impressive, until I witnessed¬†at least a dozen flying ships begin descending from the flying city from all directions."     This is the first recorded encounter with the mysterious city of Dreyhaiven and its citizens, there are no records of the founding of the city of Dreyhaiven or the creation it is as though it appeared out of thin air.


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The city of Dreyhaiven is still relatively young in age founded by its king Matthew Thorinsen almost thirty years ago as a safe haven for the king and his followers to avoid persecution for their beliefs.


Dreyhaiven is approximately two miles in diameter with the outer wall sitting right on the cities edge. There is a distance between the outer wall and inner wall of one mile this are is comprised of a mix of city blocks and farming lands of various crops making the city as self sufficient as possible.   The inner walls surround the castle, townhall, several
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