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Throughout the millennia mages, sages, and scholars have debated how big the demi-plane of Valth truly is. Many have speculated that Valth is not a demi-plane at all but is in fact a galaxy with opponents on the other side of the argument pointing out that it is not chartable in the night sky.


This vast demi-plane contains countless star systems  many yet to be discovered. A spiral galaxy by design Valth has ten arms extending outward for its main body.

Localized Phenomena

In this demi-plane there is oxygen even in space so exploration within Valth is far less treacherous than actually traveling through the cold vacuume of space.


Valth was created the Forfather as a safe haven for anyone fighting against the The Order Omnipotence and their servants The Brothers of Brak'let . Those who oppose the The Order Omnipotence do not fair well when coming into conflict with the powers that forged the original one universe or their servants. The Forefather had promised the his mentors and friends The Eight Brothers  that should anything happen to them the Forefather would protect as many of their followers as possible. His answer to this promise was the creation of Valth. A safe haven for the decendants and followers of The Eight Brothers .  These decendants and followers are scattered throughout Valth many not knowing about the existence of each other.


Accessible from only a handful of location throughout the multiverse to those in the know. Several enterprising travelers and Explorer's  have offered adventures in space to those of wealth and prestige. These forward thinking entrepreneurs have made themselves quite wealthy in their own right by offering an experience within the "stars".
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