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Intelligent Druids

You just received the best fish you have gotten in a long time. Aurix brought back a huge shimmerfish after a long hunting day. You're excited to find out that you get to cook it. You take the huge, dripping fish from his huge reptilian claws. You take it into your watertight home, bringing it back to the cooking room. First, you drag your claws under it's scales to pull them off in a neat, clean sheet. You set that aside to use for something later. On the flesh of the fish, you rub a variety of four different herbs, imported salt from the desert of souls, and small black specks imported from Ocharial. Once the fish is thoroughly seasoned, you toss it into the pot simmering with broth. The smell wafts through the cooking room and out to the rest of the house. After ten minutes have passed, you call out, "Food is done!" You hear pounding footsteps dash towards you. Your family has arrived.


Major language groups and dialects

Mostly speak Reptilian and Druidic, but this can vary depending on race and location.

Culture and cultural heritage

Culturally, they are a culture of nature lovers. They usually love to cook, make tea, use magic, make clothing and jewelry, and protect trees. They are the best cooks in the land and are usually strong magicians.

Shared customary codes and values

It is customary to speak completely in Druidic to identify people within these people. They value intelligence, empathy, and distinguishing them from people who throw away knowledge.

Average technological level

They have learned basic technology. For example, they can use herbs and potions to make hide waterproof. They have figured out how to create flippers to assist those without flippers in swimming. They have created cooking tools.

Common Etiquette rules

It is etiquette to be more empathetic than the Swampfolk. They are, by unspoken law, a much kinder race with more focus on intelligence and caring for others.

Common Dress code

They tend to wear clothes much more than the Swampfolk. They wear scales, water repellent furs, and tend to have more of a sense of covering up than Swampfolk.

Art & Architecture

They are an intelligent culture, and are much more prone to loving art. The most common art is art via nature. Many why make houses hang herbs above the door. They dry leaves and hang them up. They skin fish for shiny scales. As for architecture, many hollow out hills to live above water, and even shore up walls, some that can even make it waterproof. These are intelligent people who manage to make the best of their home.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

It is commonplace to celebrate the summer solstice. It is a day of warmth, joy, and feasting. It is also tradition to teach children love, light, and the importance of nature. It is typical for the mothers to teach the children alchemy and the father to teach hunting.

Birth & Baptismal Rites

It is tradition for children to be swiftly dipped into the swampy waters of the outdoors, symbolizing the child being connected to nature at an early age.

Funerary and Memorial customs

Due to the swampy nature of the continent, bodies cannot be buried in standard ways. Typically, bodies are taken to the ocean. They are wrapped in herbs and leaves, and sent out with their most important items.

Common Taboos

It is incredibly taboo to speak to, about, or for anyone who rejects knowledge in any way. People who are not able to read, speak, etc. are considered very taboo.

Common Myths and Legends

They believe that knowledge is power, and that simply by learning more they can increase their power. They want to learn spells, medicine, recipes, etc.


Beauty Ideals

Beauty is still not too much of a priority among these people, but they are still more prone to enjoying pretty things, such as jewelry and nice looking clothing.

Gender Ideals

Females are expected to be better alchemists, magicians, and herbalists. Males are expected to be better hunters, gatherers, and fathers. The males tend to raise the boys and females raise the girls.

Courtship Ideals

They tend to be polite, and usually flirt, give gifts, display valuables, and through body language, expressing a desire to mate.
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