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Continent of Dreanesia


This continent is an island, bordered by Eshaque. It is a continent of entirely swampland, formed when a Horror dropped too much water onto the formerly plains island. It is now a massive swamp, with swamp grass everywhere. The only trees that grow here are willows and other mutations of it. Reeds of many varieties sprout out of the water. The water is on average 1-2 ft high, but can be much deeper. Even the areas above water are damp. Fish swim through the roots of trees and humanoids hide within their hill houses and huts.

Fauna & Flora

This is a swampy territory, so the creatures that live here are often self explanatory. Many reptiles of varying degrees of danger live here, as well as amphibians. Very few mammals live here do to the wet, warm climate. Fish swim through the reeds and roots. A few small birds live here. As for races, there are Frogfolk, Lizardfolk, Merfolk, and Swamp hags. For plants, there are willow trees, reeds, and Reedberries. Reedberries are cattails with a stem of small berries on the tip.

Natural Resources

Willow bark is soft and flexible, and is therefore is quite a valuable resource to be harvested. Spell components are very commonly found here, and are the main resources bought and sold here. In the same vein, potion ingredients are common too. Food is also retailed, as many fish, berries, and other varieties of food are found here.


This continent has existed for a very long time. Before the Losing this continent was a soft grassland with many small, herbivorous creatures. Some Srirs were the only real predators. Then, in 2 AL, the horrors were attempting to put a lake within the continent. They, however, were not careful and ended up simply flooding the continent. A few of these animals survived, most swimming to Eshaque or the Desert of Souls. Most drowned. Instead of drying up the continent again, they simply gave consciousness to the few creatures that survived there.


The people who visit this place are usually magic users who need spell components, or people who are hired by them. Some are simply interested in the environment, though. These people are usually scholars. All who come here usually have guards or are strong enough to deal with threats on their own, as many animals and people here are hostile. They often stay in tents with varying degrees of technological advancements, or simply in trees that are above the water.
Alternative Name(s)
Swamps of Dreanesia
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