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Pneuria Apothecary

Purpose / Function

This location was originally designed as a small family owned apothecary initially created by Pneuria Alders, a Swamp Hag originating from the northeast region of the continent of Dreanesia, where they sold their own medicines and treatments for all sorts of illnesses. It grew quickly, being one of few healers available, and gained more staff and more notoriety. The building itself is now huge, and serves many purposes. The first floor from the front entrance serves as a storefront. It sells all varieties of cures and remedies for numerous different ailments. It's staff primarily includes people of all types native to Dreanesia, as well as immigrants from Eshaque, the Ceccene Desert, and the Forest of Grien. Pneuria Alders still runs it partially, and is sometimes even seen taking orders and brewing various concoctions. This is the base of the hospital, everything else was added later on through alterations. The secondary entrance to the first floor serves as a hospital intake area, with triage and intensive care areas. It is the most sterile area of the building and contains a unique outdoor sterilizing machine. This machine operates in seconds and serves to rid those who enter of the majority of their dirt and grime, as most enter in a state of filth. The second, third, and fourth floors serve as hospital floors, with varying sections dedicated to different specialties. Many accomplished doctors from around the world work here, and due to the high class treatment available and the relatively low cost, patients come from far reaches to be treated here. Subterranean floors 1 and 2 serve as treatment centers for partially or fully aquatic patients, and either have doctors that are fully aquatic in nature or that are magically capable of breathing underwater. The roof contains what is known as a beacon, which emits a massive beam of white light into the sky, visible from miles away, which serves to alert the world to the hospital's presence.


Since its creation in 867 AL, it has experienced many alterations. When it was initially created, it was a simple two room apothecary. The first addition was that of the triage area and first floor hospitals, followed by the second through fourth respectively. The subterranean layers were added after, followed lastly by the beacon. Many magical additions have been added as well, such as underwater breathing gear for terrestrial doctors to see aquatic patients, and a quick sterilizer that patients walk through to enter.


It stands out among buildings in Dreanesia in that the main entrance is entirely above water, it has a firm foundation and solid walls made from a concrete-like material. It is somewhat rectangular in shape, painted a pleasant light blue to both be inviting and stand out among the swamp. The beacon atop it is pure white and shines in a perfectly straight and seemingly unending beam.
Founding Date
Alternative Names
Healing Hut, Pneuria Hospital
Parent Location


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