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Oasiu ((Oh-as-sea-oo))


The majority of this town is made up of species native to Dreanesia, including frogfolk and merfolk. However, Oasiu does host a larger than average percentage of people from other continents and other parts of the world, making up around 30% of the population. Most come here for work, as it is home to one of the largest groves of swamp wood trees in the whole of Dreanesia, and about 65% of people living in this town work in some form of processing or management of wood.


This government uses a pretty standard mayoral system, with mostly standard laws. The taxation is pretty low overall, but not insanely low, with a consistent 100gp tax per year to live within the town. This is usually affordable to everyone in the town, and is enough to manage the upkeep of the town.


There is a large wall surrounding the bulk of the town, with the exceptions of the many farms, orchards, and groves that surround the suburbs and outskirts of the town. Oasiu also has a large guard, with over 100 permanent members and many more part time or seasonal members, which most commonly deal with petty crimes and natural threats such as sharks and other predators that are common in the region.

Industry & Trade

The majority of the industry within this small town is dedicated to lumber, with the processing, harvesting, planting, maintaining, and making of things with the wood being the main source of income for most residents. Naturally, the main exports are all manners of swamp wood and products made from it. The main imports are things like stone products, certain foodstuffs like meat, and many others, but the settlement is rich enough to maintain these imports regularily.


Most houses are made from a very standard form of swamp wood, and roads are paved usually with compacted reeds. This allows for comfortable walking and for horse or carriage rides. It has a very large grain mill, as well as several large lumber mills.
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