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The Fiery Wilds

You stir the shimmering liquid in the huge black stone cauldron. The potion glimmers electric red, and smells vaguely of cinnamon. Speaking, you need to add more cinnamon to it. You pour in a sizeable amount more of the strong red-brown powder into the pot, stirring again. It poofs, and you know it's done. A small taste reveals it to taste more strongly of berries and cinnamon, and you feel slightly rejuvenated by even just a small spoonful of it. You fill the small reed bowls with the potion, and leave your cauldron room. You climb a stony staircase to your alchemists stand, and place the bowls on your wooden shelf, and breathe in the moist air, looking out into the town.


Most here are intelligent druids with a history in medicine. 65% of the town has an intelligence of above 15, as they are mostly incredibly smart people. The vast majority of the town are scholars who work towards curing many various diseases. Some are alchemists (24%), working to create potions with amazing magical effects. As for races, there are mostly swamp races, such as, Frogfolk (21%), Merfolk (12%), Lizardfolk (15%), Swamp hag (6%), and others (48%).


This settlement does not have any official laws. There is more of a structure of power rather than a structure of law. Those at the top are usually the smartest people in this town, and those that have had the most success in their businesses. As well as this, all creatures tend to fend for themselves. Due to the fact that it is a core belief of the citizens to be kind and help others, poverty is relatively low here. They all work in an uneasy harmony with no laws and no hierarchy.


They have a large moat that surrounds the town. It was a large river, but it has since been expanded and filled in so that it fits the dimensions needed to surround the river, while being an almost perfect 10ft wide. This moat is filled with various fish, ranging from perfectly harmless to incredibly venomous. This works just as well as an intimidation tactic as it does as an actual defense. There is a raised bridge that can be raised and lowered as

Industry & Trade

The town exports cures for various diseases, rare herbs, willow bark and wood, many various foodstuffs, and potions. It's most famous export is the cure for Faerie Flames, a disease they invented the cure to. They import many tools, books, and anything they cannot make within the swamps. The inhabitants of this town are usually either various herbalists, alchemists, medicine workers, or they are a more typical worker, like a manual laborer or a shop worker.


The town includes a huge central temple to the spirits of nature, a massive greenhouse that grows any and all plants under the sun, a large central courtyard, many homes, roads made from compressed reeds, a drainage system to keep the land mostly dry, and bridges to cross the few rivers that cross the town.


There are many stores in this town. In total, there are four general stores that each sell varying goods, three alchemists shops and many more private alchemists, two medicine huts and many more private practices, two herbalists shops, a tea shop, a restaurant, a do it yourself cookery, a food market with various shops that rotate depending on the day, and a more that change depending on various things that depend strongly on the season or day.


This settlement was created relatively recently, only within the past hundred years. It was created in 937 AL by a group of only around 200 druids, all relatively powerful. They worked together and began to construct the village. It experienced quite little growth until around 956 AL, when the cure to Faerie Flames was invented there. It shined a beacon on the town, and the towns growth increased exponentially.


Many of the people who visit here are here for the following reasons; They or someone close to them are ill and they are seeking a cure, they are seeking the knowledge this town has to offer, or they are looking to gather the herbs and potions located within this town. Whilst here, they often seek out the inn, a massive earthen hut that stretches deep underground and can house 20 at one time.


The homes are typically mounds of earth, either naturally forming hills or hand made, carved out so they are hollow. They are then supported by willow wood, and made to be watertight. The doors are often above the floors, and the ceilings are always arched.


This is located in the swamps of Dreanesia, however it is above the water level. While water flows in rivers along the town, most of it is quite dry, with the exception of incessant dampness and a very high humidity.
Founding Date
937 AL
Alternative Name(s)
Home of The Cure
Inhabitant Demonym
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