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Apple of Purity

Those who join Purity treat Hedon as the ultimate form of Freedom, but we don't need the debauchery that comes with it.
— Purity Believer

The Apple of Purity is a tribe in The Apple of Hedonism which typically respects and seeks out the freedom aspects of the society, but do not take part in the pleasure-seeking side. They are typically viewed as a counter-culture by most other Tribes, and have amassed quite a few nick-names for their lack of partying.

Core Beliefs

Stand for Freedom

At the core of the Apple of Purity is the desire to be free to pursue any venture or desire they want. Those who would seek to impose regulations on them are quickly shunned. This is a belief they share with most other tribes of Hedon.

Debauchery is Weakness

This is where the Apple of Purity seperates themselves from the rest of Hedon. Being of Purity means not abusing their own freedoms to chase down sexual and intoxifying whims.

Positive change versus Personal Indulgences

Many Purity believers take their worth from their freedom by attempting to create positive change in the world, rather than focusing on their own personal enjoyment of the world.


The Apple of Purity attracts many philosphers and well-meaning individuals who believe that the freedom Hedon offers will allow them to further their craft or learn more about the universe at large. It is seen as a safehaven, thought many scoff at the self-indulgent ways of other Hedonites.


Many outside see the Apple of Purity as a sect of boring individuals, believing they are not taking full advantage of Hedon's gifts.

Others see Purity as a gateway drug, knowing that even the most stalwart of Purity believers just have not found their vice yet.

Yeah, I went to a Purity party once. Got lost on my way to an actual club. I never thought a party could get me yawning in Hedon, those sticks proved me wrong.
— Hedonite

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