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Enveloped Rose

Written by Ademal

The most debauched of the Hedonite tribes, Enveloped Roses are thrill-seekers by nature, people who try out new identities and sensations with a remarkably casual air. By the standards of most outsider they may appear unhinged an unintelligible, but to truly call them as such is a demonstration of ignorance.   Their culture has an interplay all its own, one exacerbated by the insularity caused by their social media and tendency to live only in purely-Hedon-owned spaces.
Parent ethnicities
Partake in the full range of indulgences. Drink deep from the waters of life. Taboos are are a cage, the rule of consent is the only one which matters
— An Enveloped Rose

Cover image: Apple of Hedonism Banner by Grace Gittel Lewis


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