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Apple of Purity

Written by Ademal

Members of the Apple of Purity are a quasi-ascetic subgroup of Hedonites which focus more of nourishment of the mind and the pursuit of freedom rather than overindulgence. They focus on mental pleasure over physical.

The Pursuit of Self

"The unexamined life is not worth living"
— Socrates
The highest goal of the Purist is the understanding of the self. The reason that it is this understanding which leads to Transcendence, and since Transcendence seems to be the only true universally marked progression of the self, it must be the highest calling and most noble pursuit.   They use the laws of Hedon to pursue this goal, for without fetters they can push themselves to questionable limits or try questionable things in their pursuit of self.  

A Hedon Trap?

Some believe that Hedon maintains the Purists as a way to demonstrate a moral high ground, and holds that Purists are likely a slippery slope towards being pulled into the more "depraved" depths of Hedon.  
First they lure you in with notions of being a Purist. It's not so bad, is it? Be a bit of an ascetic, pursue personal joy and universal joy? Soon you've slipped into the Heart of Hedon, and from there you get Enveloped in the Rose. In the end, Desire's got her claws sunk into you, and you're lost.
— The caution of a Sorrow
Parent ethnicities
Purists comprise about 15% of Hedonites


There is pleasure in nuance
Addiction to whim is no freedom
Laws should serve, not rule
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RPG Section

Work in progress
Minds without Masters.
Bodies without Burden.
Souls without Servitude.
  We find our pleasure in nuance rather than excess, in growing our mind rather than warping it.   We seek the fortitude to free ourselves from pain, engage in curiosity to take us out of need and steep ourselves in knowledge that will lead us towards tranquility. We can enjoy life through examination.
— A Purist

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Apr 25, 2019 21:11 by Secondhand

SO.... as much as 15% of Hedonites. Seems a healthy slice of the Apple. :)

Apr 25, 2019 21:34 by Ademal Jacklyn

Enough to be in good, distinct company. :)

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