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The Kinnari are a nomadic group of harpies whose homeland spans the entire Himavanta Forest but will also venture out into the wider Zomia Tropics.


Culture and cultural heritage

Kinnari Harpies generally live peaceful and idyllic lives within their own settlements of the Himavanta Forest. They venture outside of the forest once they come of age due to wanderlust of the world and mating season so actual lust. While often met with awe by the peoples they encounter, some have viewed them as mischievous groups that have a strong allurement. A few others have exploited their peaceful nature and there are various tales of some being caught, put into cages, and thus presented to various kings for their delight, resulting in Kinnari preferring to always returning to their forest home by choice.   The only known settlement that Kinnari harpies have permanent residency in is Bodhi village, which itself resides in the Himavanta Forest. Here the harpies that have chosen to live her are some of the few that not only live with other species but also raise their young with their male mates. In comparison, Kinnari harpies are seen by their Bodhi neighbors as graceful dancers and singers but also a bit too flirty and passive.

Shared customary codes and values

Kinnari uphold gracefulness and elegance above all else, and serve as the embodiment of the quality by all of their neighbors. From a young age, these harpies' mothers will instill into them the basics of elegant movement, poise and balance. As they age towards puberty, a Kinnari will be raised by her settlement in the ways of practiced singing, poetry and more advanced dance choreography.

Common Taboos

The major taboo of Kinnari are deeds that are done lacking any grace, mainly those doing rough or coarse actions. As such fighting is generally avoided as much as possible with charming being their primary method of dispelling aggression in others. Only when all diplomacy has failed, these harpies have been taught to defend themsleves.


Beauty Ideals

Kinnari favor being attractive to their potential mates, typically various homins or hauflins that they encounter during their mating season. They prefer to adorn themselves with shiny objects such as jewelry or their most prized ornaments: gold. Kinnari like to highlight and accentuate their most feminine features such as large eyes, small noses, and their shapely hips.

Gender Ideals

As an all female people group, Kinnari follow most harpy conventions of focusing on only members of their species within their in-group. Males can be lovers, friends and admire the performances that Kinnari will make for them but they aren't expected to join Kinnari living spaces.

Courtship Ideals

Kinnari will court the male humanoid (typically homin, hauflin, or rarely elf) through graceful dances and the enchanting melodies of their songs. Some Kinnari's have even taken up poetry through the other people groups they have encountered, creating lyrics for their native songs.

Relationship Ideals

Most Kinnari seek to have amicable and peaceful relations with each other and the other species that they encounter in the Zomia Tropics. The goal of many Kinnari during their mating season are to find a mate that appreciates their dancing and singing so that she can become pregnant. Most who do so outside of the Himavanta will often depart from their lovers to lay their eggs with the Kinnari Harpy settlements, but will return on a regular basis if they take a liking to their mate.
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