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The Sh'areen Caliphate is in many ways an oppressive regime. The ones standing up to it the most are various Qel'tath who are absolute rulers over their own domains. Where there is control, there are those who aim to subvert that power. Wiithin the Sh'reen, one of those cultural trends are known as nightflies.   The average nightfly is a young adult as the youth is often more prone to change than the older generations.


Shared customary codes and values

Nightflies believe that everyone should be equal and respected as they are. They would be anarchists, but prefer to think of it more as minimal government. And the only real job the government has, as far as they're concerned, is to redistribute wealth to support the basic functions in society, such as producing food and basic goods. The focus here lies on practical matters, not anything out of the ordinary.

Common Dress code

One can't dress according to societies standards and attempt to crush those standards at the same time. The nightflies piece together clothes that would fit many different stations and ranks. These are then deliberately put together in a haphazard and rough way. Those who can wear clothes who hide them more from the sun, possibly even dark clothes. Face-painting is another common practice in an attempt to provoke.

Common Taboos

Supporting the wealthy or influential is a sure way of being scorned by other nightflies. Even spending time with a Qel'tath of a major house is very suspicious. Having too much wealth oneself is often seen as being a traitor to the cause.


Gender Ideals

Ideas of stronger gender expressions, especially when it comes to appearance, have been imported from other cultures. The strong Sh'reen belief that everyone born into a social status is equal before the gods is seen as an attempt to make everything about social status. Gender feels more personal and individual and is therefore taken to heart by the nightflies to a larger degree. However, they retain all three genders of the larger culture.

Courtship Ideals

Smashing expectations is more important that subtly and nightflies encourage a very frank discussion. Unlike most sh'reen, they make a point out of attempting to court others of different classes. Since most of them are commoners, this has had relatively little impact on society.

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