• USD -2.23%
  • ANVIL 5.55%
  • GOLD -5.03%
  • AMMO 1.01%
  • WAR INC 0.94%
  • RAPTORS -2.93%
  • GAIA 2.81%
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  • USD -2.23%
  • ANVIL 5.55%
  • GOLD -5.03%
  • AMMO 1.01%
  • WAR INC 0.94%
  • RAPTORS -2.93%
  • GAIA 2.81%
  • LODGE 8.42%
  • MASCOTS -1.42%
  • COFFEE 12.01%
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"You Contrarians just argue with everything, that's all you do!"   "No, it isn't."  
— Conversations With Contrarians, Volume III
Whatever the debate and no matter how important or petty the stakes, the Contrarians will argue the opposite point with near religious fervor. They will disagree for the sake of disagreeing, inciting argument for no reason other than to argue, or defend the most indefensible just to watch others squirm. Needless to say, they're not particularly popular.   Contrarians can be found everywhere in the Megacorpolis, much to everyone's dismay, and will invite themselves into any and all conversations they come across. Though they've been recognized as an official sub-culture by the Computer, Contrarians argue that they aren't. In truth, most Contrarians don't consider themselves as such, but are part of another social structure first - a movement like the DIYbernetics, a corporation, a religion... But to the rest of Megacorpolis, they've become "one of those assholes".    


That's your take? Well, okay...  
— Conversations With Contrarians, Volume VI
To the lay-Contrarian, being a bit of a bastard is just an extension of their personality, a tic they can't really control. Most believe that they're playing devil's advocate, or pushing people to think or any number of other wacky excuses to just be difficult. They come from all walks of life, from slum-dwelling chipless to corporate executives. Don't expect much comradery between them, as they'd probably argue about that too.  
by sick 666mick

Then there's the professional Contrarian. The ones who know exactly what they're doing and instead of recoiling in shame and disgust, they embrace it. They infest other sub-cultures like parasites, if parasites were particularly vocal.  
There's significant overlap between some Contrarians and Trolls - making them occasional targets for Troll-Hunters.
  Professional Contrarians have turned the act of infuriating disagreement into an artform. It doesn't really matter what the conversation (and soon to be furious argument) is about, only the reaction of those involved. They are terrors in any sphere they inhabit, with the ability to destroy the cohesion of any gathering, slow any work, and just generally make the day miserable. Corporation sometimes hire skilled Contrarians to infiltrate a enemy corp as a sort of human bullet.   But as bad as that is, it's nothing compared to the Contrarian Society.    

The Contrarian Society

I'm pretty sure Roman numerals don't work that way. You're doing it wrong.  
— Conversations With Contrarians, Volume VII
No one is quite sure how Contrarians came to organize, but everyone wishes they hadn't. The Contrarian Society is the only recognized focal point of the Contrarian culture, perhaps speaking to some deep human need for organization even among people who just spend their entire day disagreeing about everything.   Unlike most sub-cultures, the Contrarian Society have no physical spaces and no official meetings - probably because they know those would get firebombed. Instead, they maintain secret internet hideouts or meet in VR to select targets, organize harrassment, and all around be just real horrible people. There's not really any sort of greater scheme in play here, though some say that Corporations sometimes pay them off to stay off their social media or other spheres of influence.  
Corper cover
by Tron Legacy
  Joining the Society is by invitation only and members generally hide behind pseudoyms to avoid retaliation in meat-space. Meetings are infrequent and particularly argumentative, as it takes them a while to even agree on what to talk about. It doesn't have any ranks or roles, nor any rituals or traditions they adhere to. No one is even really sure how they even communicate at all - and no one is really in a hurry to ask them, since that means talking to a whole gaggle of Contrarians.
Sub-Cultures in Megacorpolis   From DIYbernetics to Doomies, Megacorpolis is a constantly churning cauldron of ideas, niches, and reactions.   Anything that becomes popular inevitably invites a counter-reaction, and the whole thing becomes a gigantic battle-ground of strange social Darwinism.
by Johnny Mnemonic

Why, though!?

Because they find it funny, mostly.   Some are more delusional than that or just unpleasant humans, but many just relish the anger and frustration of others like a sort of psychic vampire. It is another fact that makes them closely related to the Troll sub-culture, although they beg to differ and will happily list all the reasons why you are wrong and should feel bad for thinking so.  
"I don't think you understand what that article is saying."   "I WROTE THE ARTICLE!"  
— Conversations With Contrarians, Volume III

The Internet

No matter how annoying they might be around the watercooler, the Internet is the Contrarians true home. There, behind a mask of anonymity and smug-looking profile pictures, Contrarians thrive.   Social Media is particularly infested with Contrarians, to the point where several corporations are considering them a memetic infohazard - or they might just be tired of dealing with them, too.        
When two or more Contrarian will end up on opposite sides of an argument, the whole thing can quickly spiral out of control.   Months of ad hominem attacks and retreading old ground makes previously pleasant parts of the internet more closely resemble something of a digital warzone.

Contrarians & Corps

In the eyes of any Megacorp, the Contrarians committ the greatest sin any sub-culture can: they just aren't profitable. They don't want anything - they don't buy merch or branded clothing, they don't devote their lives to a product or franchise.   Even worse, any time they show up, everyone else leaves. If anything'll put a stop to the Contrarians, it's that.
The Contrarian Society agree on only two things: that they are Contrarians, and that everyone else is wrong.

Cover image: by TimePool


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I love it, reminds me of a lot of people on social media! Excellent nicely done!

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Thank you so much for reading and commenting <3 :D

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I knew it was going to be good when the opening quote made me laugh out loud! Great article, but a little too close to reality!

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I really enjoy the humor in this article. The sad part is there are people like this in our real world. People who like to argue for the sake of it, and will disagree with everything you say.

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I think we've all met people like this... And in Megacorpolis, they are sometimes weaponized. Woooohoooo...   Thank you so much for reading and commenting :D

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Though they've been recognized as an official sub-culture by the Computer, Contratrians argue that they aren't.
*snrk* I love these guys...and the fact that no one else does. XD

You are doing a great job! Keep creating; I believe in you!
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Just don't tell them that, or they'd tell you "no you don't"   Thank you so much for reading and commenting :D

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No matter what, I am against it.
  Another great and highly entertaining article Q.   I personally really like the "I WROTE IT" part and the fact that they are seen as a memetic infohazard.   I mean just imagine being so annoying and irritating on the web that you are regarded as an eldritch mind virus.   The best part is that the Contrarians would again argue that they aren't one, which is exactly what an eldritch mind virus would say, so maybe they really are one, who knows?

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That part about the article is an interaction I have witnessed myself, repeatedly, happen on twitter. It's as puzzling as it is infuriating, lol   I really need to write that article on infohazards and memetic viruses (virii?) too. It'll be a fun time!   Thank you so much for reading and commenting <3

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This is an interesting counter-culture. The use of VR for meetings so that they can't be broken up/killed is intelligent, and also is kind of what's used nowadays with social media.

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    Yeah - and I think we'll only see more of that, going forward.   Thank you so much for reading and commenting :D

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    Perfect balance of information and humor - snickered at several parts and laughed loudly at others. Head nodding may have made an appearance too.

    6 Jul, 2020 08:04

    It's one of those "It's funny because its true", except its not true if you meet one. I used to work with a couple of these and it really is an exercise in frustration.   But I am very glad to hear it was entertaining and funny! <3   Thank you so much :D

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    Yikes! Too real, Q, too real!   Seriously though, this made me laugh out loud and wake up my wife.

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    That might be the tagline for Megacorpolis ;) 'Too real' (plus dinosaurs)   Thank you so much for reading and commenting - and apologies to your wife :D

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    Another fantastic article!

    Oh no it isn't!
    — A random contrarian

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    Thank you <3

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    That first quote just REALLY yanked me into this one!   Naturally, the rest was as good as expected. I'm loving it. This is like social media on Java!   Good work on this one!   *raises a cup of Java in your honor*

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    I think we've all had an interaction with a Contrarian at some point, especially online. xD   Thank you! I'm glad you liked it :D And thank you again for always supporting megacorpolis with such vigor

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    4 Sep, 2021 16:48

    You got everything wrong. Listen, let me explain this to you.
    — Mr Contrarian McSmarty

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    As my father always say, "if you say white I'll say black and if you say black I'll say white, otherwise there won't be any conversation!" XD

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    21 Dec, 2021 13:35

    Oh lord almighty. I don't envy your holiday gatherings.

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